Dons run over the Wolves in a 55-7 route.


The Verdugo Hills Dons won Friday night's Football game in a 55-7 route over  Van Nuys Wolves. Both the Dons and the Wolves came into Turner Stadium at a record of 1-0.

In the first quarter the Dons and the Wolves had a sluggish start were both teams turn over the ball. Verdugo Hills defense got penalized on a collar grab from the jersey which gave Van Nuys a scoring opportunity. However, things did not go in the Wolves favor. 

Verdugo Hills kicker Luis Rodriguez, who was playing defense, got the Dons of fire when he got the games first interception early in the first quarter. Rodriguez's interception was what the Dons needed to get the offense back on the field. 

"I saw that Van Nuys offense was in trips and I notice that quarterback likes to throw to his main wide receiver;" Rodriguez said, regarding his read on the interception. " So, I looked for the number twelve and when I saw the quarterback throw to him, I was able to jump in a pick if off".

Rodriguez's interception would set up the first score of the game when Dons wide receiver Naithan Chavez ran in for a 70-yard touchdown giving the Dons a 7-0 lead. Chavez would later score a second touchdown late in the 4th quarter.  " We did a throwback to the slot guy, and I went out for the block, and I was open to catch it and ran it in;" Chavez said.  " When I scored my second touchdown, I was open to catch the ball and then I ran it in".

The Wolves did not do much offensively outside of their only  touchdown, which cut the deficit to 28-7 at end of the 1st quarter.  In the 2nd quarter and beyond, the Dons took control of the entire game and never looked back. Verdugo Hills came out on top and improving their record at 2-0, despite to some major penalties that the Dons made both on offense and defense. 

Verdugo Hills head coach Sean Jackson said he is impressed with the win; however, he said that the Dons have a lot of work to do and many improvements to make. "I thought we played pretty well today but we still have a lot of work to do," Jackson said. 

"Our biggest issue we have is to correct the mental mistakes such as jumping offsides, false starts and not finishing off blocks.  Those are things we must clean up and will clean up and our guys need to pay attention to detail as the season moves on".   

Jackson said that each game will be tough for the Dons and won't get easy. His plans for Saturday morning are to have his players to watch films to correct the mistakes that have been made and be ready for their next two tough opponents. Next week the Dons play a Thursday game against Jordan and San Fernado the following week. 

Van Nuys head coach Ken Osorio said it was simple not his players' night. "Our players are still developing and trying to learn our new system;" Osorio said. " We just need to teach them how to work our system and be ready for the next game".

Despite the Wolves devasting lost to the Dons, Osorio believes that there is still hope for his team and believes they can still win games.

"I absolutely believe we can still win games and we just have work together and learn from the mistakes we made in this game," Osorio said.  "Hopefully we will learn from tonight's game and grow as team.  Our goal is to move forward and be ready for next week's game".

Next Thursday the Wolves will play against Hollywood High. 


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