Granada Hills Passes over Dorsey in Week 4 Victory


The anticipation of last Friday night’s matchup between Dorsey and Granada Hills was intensified by the curse that is LA traffic. A kickoff that was delayed until 8pm due to the Dorsey bus being caught in traffic, was received by Dons but produced no points. On the First snap in Granada possession, #3 Kanye Martin ran the ball for a 45-yard touchdown that was followed by 2 extra points.

#11 Joshua Russell responded with a touchdown of his own for the Dons. As the Dorsey defense took the field, they put up a better resistance and forced the Highlanders to earn every first down but did not allow them to score.

Taking the ball back, Joshua Russell shows Granada they’re not the only squad with a slick run game, scoring another TD for the Dons. Unsatisfied with the score, Darrell Stanley turns up the heat with a 65 yd running touchdown, giving the Highlanders a 2-point lead.

Both defensive lines hold strong for the remainder of the first half, and the score stood at 14-12 at halftime.

Granada was first to receive the ball in the first half. Usually, a strategy that works to their advantage. Anyone who has watched the Highlanders in the last few years is familiar with their talent of pulling out a fast break and big run as soon as the opponents guard lets up even a little bit. They’re traditionally fast in the huddle and take their opponents by surprise with speed and impressive field vision. The Dons, however, did not fall victim to this in the 3rd quarter. Both teams fought to inch their way into the redzone but could not complete. The score stood still at 14-12 until only 5 minutes remained in the game.

To take the lead, the Dons attempted a pass, but it was picked out of the air by Kanye Martin for Granada. At fourth and goal, the Highlanders knew they had to score to secure their chance to win, and a field goal wasn’t going to cut it. So, they pulled a new trick out of the hat, and passed the ball to #25 for a crucial touchdown. The 2-point conversion by Darrell Stanley brought the score to 22-12.

Still with enough time to win the game, the Dons took back possession. A sloppy fumble was recovered by Granada with a minute and a half remaining in the game. Darrell sealed the deal with another touchdown followed by an extra 2 points.

At nearly 10:30 pm, the battle finally game to an end with a 30-12 victory for the Highlanders.

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