Regents fall short to the Wolves 28-24


Van Nuys Wolves scored 21 points in the first half, and despite the Regents efforts to come back in the second half, the Wolves emerged victorious with a score of 28-24.  October 6, 2023.

The Reseda Regents growing pains continue to hurt them each week. Just when the Regents thought they were going to pull off a massive comeback, lightning would strike at them hard and they ended up losing the game.

Friday night’s loss to the Van Nuys Wolves on Homecoming night at Reseda was no exception as the Regents lost 28-24, falling 0-8. For most of the game, the Regents were chasing the Wolves. Eventually Reseda took the lead but, in the end, the Wolves put the bite on the Regent's hopes of getting its first win.

Reseda head coach Austyn Ward said even though Reseda made a strong effort to make a comeback, a terrible first quarter is what hurt the Regent's chances of getting their first win of the season. He said it was the worst first half since becoming head coach at Reseda.

“We played the worst first half that we possibly could,” Ward said. “When you give up 21 points in one quarter and continue to make bad penalties, this is what will hurt you in the end”.

In the first quarter, the Van Nuys Wolves scored 21 unanswered points. With 7:30 on the clock, Wolves Marlon Figueroa ran for a 10-yard touchdown giving Van Nuys the lead at 7-0. Figeroa said it was great teamwork by his offensive line.

“ I really put a lot of trust into my linemen,” Figeroa said. “Once I saw that gap I bounced out and then there was a guy to my left and I ended up getting into the end zone”.

Then with 4:35 left on the clock, the Wolves' defense would come up with a big play. Wolves Gio Stewart captured an interception and ran it in for a touchdown giving the Wolves a 14-0 lead. Stewart said it was a perfect read on his part.

“ I was doing my job and made the play,” Stewart said. “I read the quarterback's eyes and I saw where he was throwing the ball then I predicted where it would land then it bounced off me so I was able to catch and run the ball all the way home”.

Less than two minutes later, with 2:57 to go in the first quarter, the Wolves went for another scoring opportunity at the goal line. It seemed like the Regents made a successful goal-line stand, forcing the Wolves to a fourth down and goal. As the Wolves were preparing for a three-point field goal, the officials called a time-out. The line judge spoke with two officials and decided to overrule the 4th down and give the Wolves a touchdown. At that point, the Wolves took a strong 21-0 lead at the end of the first quarter.

However, the Regents would attempt to make a comeback after a horrible first quarter. The Regent's defense would hold the Wolves scoreless both in the second and third quarters. In the third quarter, Reseda would answer back. With 8:45 on the clock, Emyr Franklin would run in for a 20-yard touchdown putting Reseda back into the game. The Regents would also score on a two-point conversion to cut the lead 21-8.

They did not stop there as Franklin would score a second touchdown with 2:37 on the clock. Reseda made a successful two-point conversion making it a 21-16 lead in favor of the Van Nuys Wolves.

Going to the fourth quarter, the Regents would take another swing at the Wolves when Franklin got an interception with 9:41 on the clock. The Regent's offense quickly got back on the field. With 7:45 on the clock, Regents Zachary David scores a 35-yard touchdown giving Reseda its first lead of the game. The Regents made another two-point conversion giving Reseda a 24-21 lead.

However, the Regents would not hold on to the lead for much longer. With 3:24 on the clock, the Wolves would score another touchdown giving Van Nuys the lead again at 28-24. With less than 3:00 on the clock, the Regents made one last effort with a 4th down and 15 yards to go. The Wolf's defense stopped the Regents and ran the clock out giving Van Nuys the victory.

Van Nuys head coach Ken Osorio said he is satisfied with the win. He hopes that his team will make a strong finish by the end of the season despite their record being 3-4 with three games remaining.

“I think tonight our team showed a lot of grit with devotion to themselves,” Osorio said. “They worked hard to maintain their work and win the game”.

Osorio also said it's been a rough season but his players never gave up. He said that his team is learning the basics and improving.

“We made sure that they understood the basics of football which is blocking and tackling,” Osorio said. “They are learning to come together as a team and become much more of a gritty team that is prepared to go after wins".

Next week the Wolves go back on the road again to face Canoga Park Hunters on Friday, October 13. Game time is 7:00 p.m. Reseda gets a bye week and they face Canoga Park on Thursday, October 19. Game time is 7:00 p.m.

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