Chancellors Blowout the Tigers 42-7


CHATSWORTH CA: The Chatsworth Chancellors woke up Friday morning knowing that it was not a dream but a reality. They will advance to the semi-finals to face cross-town rival San Fernando. Chatsworth came into the playoffs with a 4-6 record as they shut out the Poly Parrots 37-0 in the first round.

However, the Chancellors made a statement on Thursday in front of their home crowd that it is far from over. The Chancellors annihilated the Lincoln Tigers 42-7 with an amazing performance by Chatsworth running back Isaiah Rameau, who scored 5 of 6 touchdowns against Lincoln. Rameau explains how he made it all happen to help the Chancellors advance to the semi-finals.

“I just kept telling myself to go out running and go hard,” Rameau said. I knew I had to stay locked in and just keep on working".

Rameau said one of the biggest improvements the Chancellors made is good blocking. He said it was much better compared to their last game against Poly.

“Our blocking was good tonight,” Rameau said. “We stepped it up tonight and it helped us win the game and advance to the semi-finals”.

Despite Chatsworth's outstanding performance, Rameau said he understands that head coach Marvin Street is still dissatisfied with the team due to off-the-field behavior issues. Rameau said he is working as a leader to help his teammates avoid any bad behavior issues off the field. 

“First thing we must do is keep the locker room clean at all times because Coach Street gets on us for that,” Rameau said.  “The second thing is that we must get to class on time and not be late but most importantly we as a team must keep our grades up, stay humble, and be that standup player by setting the right example”.

As for Coach Street, he said even though his team has won he made it clear that he is dissatisfied with his team even though the Chancellors made it to the semi-finals. It all starts with his player's disappointing behavior.

“We did alright tonight; it was not the best but we were alright.” Coach Street said. “I expect high expectations from my players. Winning a championship would be nice, but what is the point of winning a championship if they don't have that 3.00 GPA that goes along with it? As a coach and teacher, I am trying to prepare them to go to college and make it to the real world. Our 20-week grades are coming out a few weeks after the championship and it would not look good if our guys did not make that 3.00 GPA”.

Coach Street said he gave his team a B- performance against Lincoln. In a previous interview after facing Granada Hills, Street said that the team's record should have been at least 7-3 and not 4-6 going into the playoffs. Coach Street made it clear that education comes before football and being on time for class teaches them to be responsible and be ready for the real world.

“Three of our losses during the regular season were a total of eleven points,” Street said.“It all starts with their bad behavior off the field. Isaiah Rameau is doing a good job of leadership on the team and he is improving but he still has a lot of work to do especially being on time for class and that's what is killing our team”.

In the first quarter, the Chancellors would strike first when Isaiah Rameau ran for a 45-yard touchdown with 4:39 on the clock to give the Chancellors the lead at 7-0. Late in the first quarter, Tigers Emmanuel Pirul scored a goal-line touchdown to tie the game at 7-7 with 55 seconds left in the quarter.

Rameau would strike again with a goal-line score at 8:40 on the clock. At that point, the Chancellors would take a 14-7.  Lincoln still had no answers to stop Chatsworth's offense as Rameau continued to dominate with a 45-yard touchdown midway through the second quarter, and at halftime, the score was 21-7 in favor of the Chancellors.

With 5:28 left in the third quarter, Rameau ran in for a 25-yard touchdown to extend Chatsworth’s lead to 28-7. Lincoln's troubles on defense were getting worse by the end of the quarter. At 1:21 on the clock, the Chancellors’ Jesse Leon scored a goal-line touchdown. Two minutes later, at 11:45 in the fourth quarter, Rameau ran in for a 35-yard touchdown and that would be it for the Lincoln Tigers as the Chancellors advanced to the semi-finals.

Lincoln head coach Gabriel Cottero said although it was a rough night for his Tigers, he said he is still proud of his team for not giving up.

“It was a little rough for us tonight,” Cottero said. “Chatsworth played the inside game well and we stopped them a few times but they ran the clock on us and then our quarterback got hurt in the first half and Chatsworth made things tough on us. We are proud of our kids and they played until the end and gave it a good battle”.

Cottero said his team should be ready for next year. It all starts in the weight room and be ready for the spring and summer ball. 

“We just got to work hard in the weight room and we are good since I have been here for the last 5 years and I don't see anything different so yeah we will be ready next year and it starts with work on the weights.

Next week the Chancellors will face the San Fernando Tigers at Chatsworth. San Fernando got a late touchdown in a back-and-forth battle to squeak by the Roosevelt Rough Riders 28-26. Game time will be Friday, November 17 at 7:00 p.m.

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