Grant Lancers run down by South Gate in a 38-06 Rams victory.

Grant High School’s Lancers started the game off strong Thursday night against South Gate’s Rams. Through the first two quarters, the Lancers gained steady yardage down the field on offense, and applied enough pressure on defense to cause several incomplete passes for South Gate. In the second quarter, the Lancer’s held their place in the game with a touchdown by #1 Kazric Anderson. However, near the end of the first half, the momentum had clearly shifted.

Grant’s coaches expressed their disappointment that the Lancers allowed a touchdown and extra point by the Rams, a theme that didn’t stop for the rest of the game. South Gate’s coaches were unphased by the Lancer’s effort in the first half, and seemed optimistic about how the game would finish from the beginning. This confidence rippled through the rest of South Gate’s team, and only amplified after halftime.

As the Grant defense crumbled, South Gate’s #1 Terryonte Taylor and #13 Malachi Russ put on quite the offensive performance. In the second half, tensions between the two teams escalated with every Rams touchdown. But the penalties applied could not stop South Gate. The Rams’ offense was relentless and their defense, well coordinated. Four touchdowns later, the Rams slashed the Lancers by a score of 38-06.

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